April 23, 2005

Beer Lyrics

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    Bad Jim’s Ultimate Collection of Beer Lyrics

last update: 17 October 2002

Aaron Tippin, Many, many, many beers ago
Just how long she’s been gone I can’t say I really know
But it’s been many, many, many beers ago.

Aerosmith, Can’t Stop Messin’
and the beer cans in the alley
from the rich folks on the hill
they’re screamin’ hallelujah

Adam Sandler, Bad Boyfriend
I had the beer at work, for God’s sake
Fuck you!

Alabama, Cheap Seats
We like beer flat as can be.

Alice Cooper, Escape
Escape, I’m crying in my beer,
Escape, just get me out of here

Alice Cooper, Guilty
I’m a dirt-talking, beer-drinking, woman-chasing minister’s son.

America, Sandman
Funny I’ve been there
And you’ve been here
We ain’t had no time to drink that beer

The B-52’s, Deadbeat Club
Going down to Allen’s for a twenty-five cent beer

Bad Jim, Beer Can Stomp
I’ll be stompin’ beer cans,
Stompin’ beer cans
Doin’ the Beer Can Stomp!

Bad Religion, Doing Time
Darkness falls, curtain calls, the cynic’s beer soon overflows.

Beastie Boys, Hold It Now - Hit It!
You like men - and we like beer.

Beastie Boys, No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn
I sip the def ale with all the fly women

Beastie Boys, Paul Revere
Just me and my horsy and a quart of beer
Riding across the land - kicking up sand . . .
. . . Now what do we have here - an outlaw and his beer
I run this land, you understand - I make myself clear.

The Beautiful South, Look What I Found In My Beer
Look what I found in my beer
A couple of dancing ladies and a ticket out of here
Look what I found in my beer
A start to being lonely and an end to my career

Billy Joel, Piano Man
And the piano sounds like a carnival
And the microphone smells like a beer.

Billy Joel, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
Cold beer, hot lights
My sweet romantic teenage nights

Blood Sweat & Tears, Go Down Gamblin
Born a natural loser — can’t recall just where
Raised on brew and poker and a dollar here and there

Bob & Doug McKenzie, from their version of the song 12 Days of Christmas
And a beer…in a tree

Bob Seger, Roll Me Away
Twelve hours out of Machinaw City stopped in a bar to have a brew

Bobby Goldsboro, Straight Life
Suddenly all my silly thoughts disappear,
She comes to me softly with crackers and beer

Busta Rhymes Featuring Jim Carrey, Grinch 2000
Never mind he already took the liquor out your Heineken
He already quick to try again

Cake, Ain’t No Good
He’s gonna yell when he drinks his beer.

The Clash, Revolution Rock
And you poured your beer in me hat

Collio, Kinda High Kinda Drunk
Got kinda high and uhh kinda drunk
Beer drinkin beer beer drinkin eight ball

Cream (Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker) Falstaff Beer
The beer that can slake any thirst, any thirst
The beer you reach for first
When you want to quench your thirst
The thirst slaker

Darin Murphy, Funky Flying Chair
Get a couple of malt liquors to go.

D.H. Murphy, Baytown Homesick Blues
I was lonesome down in Baytown and I was sitting in a bar,
Drinking little shots of whiskey and my thirteenth beer so far.

Dick Feller, Uncle Hiram And The Homemade Beer
Hey there Hiram, what’s goin’ on down there
There’s some peculiar odor comin’ up the basement stairs
Go back to your sewin’ Hon’ - I’m varnishin’ a chair
The time my Uncle Hiram made his famous homemade beer

Elton John, Someone Saved my Life Tonight
And there’s one more beer
And I don’t hear you anymore

Elton John, Talking Old Soldiers
I’d stand at that bar with my friends who’ve passed away
And drink three times the beer that I can drink today

Elton John, Mellow
Don’t forget the beer, my lover dear
It helps to sow the mellow seed

Eminem, I’m Shady
Do drink beer, I just wanna make a few things clear

5 Chinese Brothers, My Dad’s Face
He was fat, I was skinny
He drank beer, I smoked pot
But now my feet are disappearing beneath an ocean of beer

Donald Fagen, New Frontier
We’ve got provisions and lots of beer
The key word is survival on the new frontier

The Fugees, No Woman, No Cry
And then we’d hit the corner store for Roots, paper, and brew.

Floyd Dickson/Blues Bros., Hey Bartender
Draw one, Draw two, Draw three, four glasses of beer

Frank Sinatra - There Used To Be A Ballpark
And the air was such a wonder
From the hot-dogs and the beer.
Yes, there used to be a ballpark right here.

Garth Brooks, Beer Run
[Bad Jim: a blatant rip-off of Todd Snider’s song Beerrun]
Doing ninety miles an hour toward the county line
Quick sack, twelve pack, back agian
It’s a B double - E double - R U N.

Garth Brooks, Low Places
I’ve got friends in low places
Where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases
My blues away

Grateful Dead, Bondi Pier
I was down by Bondi Pier, drinkin’ tubes of ice cold beer,
With a bucket full of prawns upon my knee,
When I swallowed the last prawn,
I had a Technicolor yawn and I chundered in the old Pacific Sea.

Green Day, Westbound Sign
Xanax a beer for thought
And she determined… She’s taking off

Guy Clark, Desperadoes Waiting For A Train
From the time that I could walk he’d take me with him
To a bar called the Green Frog Cafe
There was old men with beer guts and dominos
Lying ’bout their lives while they played

Guy Clark, Uncertain Texas
Have it made in the shade of a very sleepy pine thicket
Get covered up in chiggers and drink ten tubs of beer
So give him his guitar and a long legged girl
Moonlight in Texas and a six-pack of Pearl

Homer Simpson song lyrics from The Simpsons:
Happy With Things The Way They Are
Homer: Around the house, I never lift a finger,
As a husband and a father, I’m sub-par.
I’d rather drink a beer
Than win father of the year,
I’m happy with things the way they are.
Homer: When I was seventeen
I drank some very good beer
I drank some very good beer I purchased with a fake ID
My name was Brian McGee
We stayed up listening to Queen
When I was seventeen

Hootie & The Blowfish, Let Her Cry
So I sat back down and had a beer and felt sorry for myself

House Of Pain, Put On Your Shit Kickers
You catch us puffin’ on a blunt, and sippin’ a brew
What’s up with that brew, man, hurry up and finish
Now grab the barmaid and order me another Guiness
You can drink the Guiness while I’m sippin’ on the mickeys

Indigo Girls , Galileo
And then you had to bring up reincarnation
Over a couple of beers the other night.

Indigo Girls, Joking
You said good friends are hard to come by I laughed and bought you a beer ’cause it was too corny to cry

Indigo Girls, Lifeblood
Another night in a succession
Thinly glued with beer and wine

Iron Maiden, 2 AM
I get in from work at 2a.m.
And sit down with a beer

Jackson Browne, Rosie
Well I sat her down right next to me
And I got her a beer
While I mixed that sound on the stage
So the band could hear

The Jam, Town Called Malice
To either cut down on beer or the kid’s new gear

Jerry Reed, West Bound and Down, from the movie Smoky and the Bandit
The Boys are thirsty in Atlanta
They got beer in Texarkana
Gonna bring it back no matter what it takes.

Jesus and Mary Chain, Fizzy
And my friend Ben thinks that beer is food

Jim Morrison/The Doors, Roadhouse Blues
Well I woke up this mornin’ and I got myself a beer.

Jimmy Buffet, Cheeseburger in Paradise
Big Kosher pickle and a cold draft beer
Well good God Almighty which way do I steer . . .

Jimmy Buffet, The Great Filling Station Hold Up
We’re wanted men, we’ll strike again, but first let’s have a beer.

Jimmy Buffet, Why Don’t we get Drunk and Screw
. . . so barmaid, bring a pitcher
Another round of brew
Oh why don’t we get drunk and screw

John Prine, Jesus the Missing Years
Wine was flowing so were beers
So Jesus found his missing years

John Prine & Gary Nicholson, Quit Hollerin’ At Me
Non-alcoholic beer
It’s enough to make a grown man
Blow up his own TV

Johnny Russell, Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer
There’s no place that I’d rather be than right here
With my red necks, white socks and blue ribbon beer

Kid Rock, American Bad Ass
30-pack of Stroh’s, 30-pack of hoes
No Rogaine in the propane flows

Kid Rock, Where U At Rock
Where U At Rock? Where U At? Over here, to the rear with your girl and the 40s of beer.

Kris Kristofferson, Sunday Morning Coming Down
Well, I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt.
And the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad so I had one more for dessert.

Led Zeppelin, Black Country Woman
You didn’t have to make me a total disgrace
Didn’t have to leave me with that beer in my face

Leonard Cohen, Queen Victoria
My father and all his tobacco loved you,
I love you too in all your forms,
the slim and lovely virgin floating among German beer

Live, Century
Everybody’s here
Puke stinks like beer

Live, Horse
it’s the middle of the night and you’re here
playing dominoes and drinking beer

L.L. Cool J, Clap Your Hands
I rhyme like Superman, you rap like Jimmy Olson
I break you like a bottle of green Golden Molson

The Mamas & The Papas, Mississippi
Sippin’ on a beer in Bourbon Street and I’m sittin’ easy
Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot to please me

Mark Knopfler, El Macho
Gonna buy you another beer
‘Cos you look like a fine thing Jerry

Mary Chapin Carpenter, Hero In Your Own Hometown
We were buzzing on midnight, Luckys and Rolling Rock

Mary Chapin Carpenter, I Am A Town
I’m a town in Carolina, I am billboards in the fields
I’m an old truck up on cinder blocks, missing all my wheels
I am Pabst Blue Ribbon, American, and “Southern Serves the South”
I am tucked behind the Jaycees sign, on the rural route

Meatloaf, Dead Ringer For Love
Rock ‘n roll and brew, rock ‘n roll and brew
They don’t mean a thing when I compare ‘em next to you
Rock ‘n roll and brew, rock ‘n roll and brew
I know that you and I oh we got better things to do

Midnight Oil, Seeing Is Believing
Beer soaked mansions block the sky,
Dingos howl and white flags fly

Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Bartender’s Song
I like this beer, and your friendly face
I’ve really grown to like this place

Montell Jordan, Can’t Get Enough
About another 30 minutes
A 40-ounce and some Guinness

Nat King Cole, Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of summer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of soda and pretzels and beer

Neil Young, Changing Highways
See the lights turn
To something graphic
With my suitcase and my brew

The Offspring, One Fine Day
Now excitement seems to grow
When we’re hangin’ with the bro’s
When we’re chillin’ and we pound
A case of Stroh’s

Peter Frampton, Do You Feel Like We Do
Peached up, Peached Ale, never fails.

Phish, Demand
He’s yelling at the parking lot
Throwing beer cans down the stairs

The Presidents Of The United States Of America, Stranger
Slim, relaxed, buyin’ wine at the QFC
On a snowy Saturday night
Black pearls, and I swear you were drinking beer

Queen, My Melancholy Blues
Wanna be intoxicated with that special brew

Randy Newman, Christmas In Capetown
This English girl from the North somewhere
Is stayin’ with me at my place
Drinkin’ up all my beer . . .
. . . And the beer don’t taste the way it ought to taste somehow
And I don’t know why

Ray Wiley Hubbard, Redneck Mothers
He sure does like his Falstaff beer.

Reel Big Fish, Beer
. . . and I say, I think I’ll have myself a beer.

Red Clay Ramblers, The Ace
Made a detour by the barbecue shack,
Put twelve cold beers on ice in the back

Ricky Martin, The Cup Of Life
Here we go! Ale,Ale,Ale!
Go,go,go! Ale,Ale!
Arriba Va!! El mundo esta de pie
Go,Go,Go!!! Ale,Ale,Ale

Ricky Nelson, My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It
Yes, my bucket’s got a hole in it
I can’t buy no beer

Roger Waters, Who Needs Information?
Me and Benny went out last night
Looking for fun
Supping ale in the moonlight
Waiting for the dawn to come

The Rolling Stones, Going To A Go Go
It doesn’t matter if you’re black
It doesn’t matter if you’re white
Take a dollar fifty
A six pack of beer
And we goin’ dance all night

Rush, Working Man
I get home at five o’clock, and I take myself out a nice, cold beer.

The Scorpions, It All Depends
Takes my dinner
Drinks my beer
Spends my money
But I don’t care

Shane MacGowan (The Pogues), House Of The Gods
Finally found a place they could never reach
Sipping singha beer on Pattaya Beach
Singha beer don’t ask no questions
Singha beer don’t tell no lies

Sheryl Crow, All I Wanna Do
I like a good beer buzz early in the morning

Sheryl Crow, A Change
He’s a platinum canary drinkin’ Falstaff beer

Simon & Garfunkel, Still Crazy After All These Years
I met my old lover on the street last night
She seemed so glad to see me, I just smiled
And we talked about some old times and we drank ourselves some beer

Slobberbone, (I Can Tell) Your Love Is Waning
A macrame‚ frame, ’round a picture of me,
Sittin’ in a pool of stale beer, on a black and white T.V.

The Smiths, Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
As Anthony said to Cleopatra
As he opened a crate of ale

Snoop Doggy Dogg, I Love My Momma
Schlitz Malt Liquor was the thing back then
My momma was my homey my daddy, and my best friend

Soul Asylum, Crawl
Good to see you, see you later, maybe one more beer
I’m gonna crawl home from here

Steely Dan, Here at The Western World
Down at the Lido they welcome you with sausage and beer.

Sting, Seven Days
I.Q. is no problem here;
We won’t be playing Scrabble for her hand, I fear;
I need that beer

Stray Cats, Sexy and 17
. . . just a dollar to get in and twenty-five cents a beer

Styx, Too Much Time on My Hands
I’ve given up hope for the afternoon soaps and a bottle of cold brew

Sublime, Burittos
I don’t wanna look at naked chicks and drink beer

They Might Be Giants, Alienation’s for the Rich
Well I ain’t feeling happy
About the state of things in my life
But I’m working to make it better
With a six of Miller High Life

Third Eye Blind, New Girl
But then I’m here again, I’m crying in my beer again

The Toadies, Tyler
I find a window in the kitchen, and I let myself in
Rummage through the refrigerator, find myself a beer

Todd Snider, Beerrun
B double E double R - U - N beer run
B double E double R - U - N beer run
All we need is a ten and a fiver
A car, and a key, and a sober driver
B double E double R - U - N beer run

Tom T. Hall, I like Beer
Whiskeys too rough,
Champagne costs too much,
Vodka puts my mouth in gear.
I hope this refrain,
Will help me explain,
As a matter of fact, I like beer.

Tom Paxton, Yuppies in the Sky
I’d seen them in commercials sailing boats and playing ball
Pouring beer for one another, crying, “Why not have it all”

Traditional, In Heaven there is No Beer Polka
In Heaven there is no beer
That’s why we drink it here
And when we’re gone from here
All our friends will be drinking all our beer

Traditional, Stack A Lee
Stack-A-Lee walked to the barroom, and he called for a glass of beer

Violent Femmes, I Wanna See You Again
Cast out fear.
Let me, buy you a beer.

Weezer, Slob
Waiting for little clues to appear
That I drank some of grandaddy’s beer

Widespread Panic, Space Wrangler
He’s knowing that he found the place
That pours the coldest beer
Skol, very cold beer
Cheers, to your friends so near
High, your dreams so clear
Raise another glass to the dreams so near

Will Glahe - Beer Barrel Polka [translated from Czech, its original title was "Skoda Lasky" (Unrequited Love) - as recorded by The Andrews Sisters in 1939]
Roll it out, roll it out, roll out the barrel
Da-da-da da-da da-da da-da-da-da-da
Sing a song of good cheer
‘Cause the whole gang is here
Roll it out, roll it out
Let’s do the beer barrel polka

XTC, Dear God
Dear god, hope you get the letter and…
I pray you can make it better down here
I don’t mean a big reduction in the price of beer

XTC, No Thugs In Our House
Is this your son’s wallet I’ve got here?
He must have dropped it after too much beer!

XTC, Meccanic Dancing (Oh! We go!)
I’m standing in front of this girl
I’m under a fluorescent light
I’ve had a few beers inside me
I feel like a giant tonight

XTC, The Affiliated
He’d nothing to fear
He had his beer B-E-E-R!

ZZ Top, Mexican Blackbird
Now, ya got it! Hand me another one of them brews from back there.
Oh, this is gonna be so good.

ZZ Top, Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
I’ll be here around suppertime with my can of dinner and a bunch of fine beer drinkers and hell raisers, yeah.


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