May 24, 2004

Bad Jim’s Mailbag

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Dear Bad Jim,
When are you going to do Bad Jim’s Mailbag again? You haven’t featured a Mailbag for months. That is one of the jokelist’s best features. C’mon, I know people have been sending you stupid stuff.
Chicago Al

Dear Bad Jim,
Who are you voting for in the upcoming presidential election in The States?
Brenda in Brussels

Dear Brenda,
I thought I had previously set the record straight on this matter. Mayor Quimby of Springfield is the only viable candidate on Bad Jim’s radar screen.

Quimby won’t flip flop on the issues like our last few presidents. Check out this recent Quimby exchange:

Mayor Quimby: Now I’d like to introduce the Prophet of Love, Larry White.
Barry White: It’s Barry White.
Mayor Quimby: No, the card says Larry White.
Barry White: I think I know my own name.
Mayor Quimby: Yeah, well we’ll just see about that.

How bout that for sticking with your guns? Any candidate who won’t let the facts get in the way gets my vote.
B Jim